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like you, i know what i want

for a start, gear that doesn’t let me down when i need it most

after a childhood of camping holidays, a stint in the armed forces and a love of the outdoors that’s stuck with me until the present day, i‘ve suffered my fair share of
let-down equipment
i’ve also realized that the gear available on the market isn't always exactly to the spec i need and i've developed a love of modifying equipment to meet my requirements
as well as some of the more conventional kit, animal tendencies offers a range of tough alternative gear for those of you who haven't quite found what you're looking for - i hope you find it here

i can vouch for the gear i offer as i use it myself - it's sourced and used in the outdoors by me and brought to you at a fair price in the knowledge that it'll serve you well

check out the videos too - you might pick up an idea or two for modifying your current outfit
have a peek, email me with any questions you may have and get yourself something different today

get out there!
all the best,

the journey so far

check out the range

new downloadable pdf on our free download page
firearms (air rifles) code of practice
homeproductseshopphotosvideosfree downloadrecommended sitescontact us